This site is dedicated to helping all Floridians find local urban growers close to them. We are all part of the local Florida economy. Today more than ever we see more and more people searching for fresh  produce, edible plants, fruit trees and even supplies to help them grow real food. Urban farming makes sense and we are here to help you connect with like minded people. Okay lets get to work!


Nothing is sweeter than the fruit or vegetable you picked from your garden, would you agree?

I hope so. Well unfortunately we all can't be urban farmers but we can support urban farming and be part of a street by street, block by block effort to make more space available for urban farming. Every State in every city and all people from all parts of the world need to consider producing local food. Local farming is more sustainable and better for us and the environment. 


Our goal is to connect you to the urban farmers and local edible plant and fruit tree growers in your little slice of Florida. Please contact us if you are an urban farmer or farmers market?


Let us know about you and your efforts to grow in the concrete jungle. 


Join us and feel good about being part of something bigger!

Florida Urban farmers and Fruit Tree Nurseries

Your guide to fresh local produce, edible plants fruit trees and supplies 




Can you imagine how beautiful it would be if we all had plenty of organic fruits and vegetables within our reach locally? Today more and more people are rethinking just about everything and local food production is high on the list.


Once upon a time almost every person had food from the garden at their fingertips. Today we go to supermarkets and basically eat out of a box. Look at the size of the supermarkets fresh fruit and veggies section. How big is that area compared to the rest of the buildings square footage? It's really small when 
you think about it.


Do you know what that box of so called food contains? Sure you know the calories, 
fats etc. Do you know what genetically modified organisms are in that box you are going to eat?


Now I know that we can't all be farmers, but is it that hard to plant a few food producing trees and shrubs? No it's really not! The joy of eating fresh healthy produce right from your home or sharing some with your neighbors is truly worthwhile.


Here are some ideas: Start a blog, go on Facebook, twitter and other social media sites and spread the word. We should work 
hard to promote urban farming that's sustainable, organic, and nontoxic and no GMO'S.


Speak out and get involved. Learn about the subject and get vocal, write, protest and please wake up 
this nation’s youth to the direction they are being forced into.
Plant valuable trees on your property and encourage friends and family to do the same.


What are valuable trees? Well, fruit trees can be a great investment that helps feed your family and also helps the 
environment. Trees are our friends and our world could not exist as we know it without them.


But Pepe, I don't have a place to plant a tree or start a garden? Well how about talking to family, friends, neighbors, schools and of course if you have the stomach for it "Politicians" Maybe they have some land 
you can use and share the crop.


A very smart elderly customer of mine purchases trees and gives them to her sons and daughters. What 
a beautiful thing for a family to work together this way. She has been doing this and so have others.


An old friend used to say I should remember that there is strength in numbers. More people planting 
more food producing trees and shrubs can make a huge impact on our local supplies.


More people speaking out and helping promote urban farming on a local level will be an incredible bonus to our health, economy and environment. Think local and stop thinking global. Global is nonsustainable. Does that make sense? Local thinking and local action in this direction will be good for every American Citizen.


Some folks around the country are actually growing and selling fresh fruits, veggies, herbs and more 
right from small urban yards of about one quarter acre. One family in Pasadena


California has been doing it for over ten years. Here is a link, so you can see for yourself.


Buying local is not easy, but with time it will be.


Having locally grown food offers us fresher food and less dependence on fossil fuels and that's a good thing, don't you think? Why should we be eating mangoes from Mexico in Florida, it just makes no sense does it? What about garlic from China? OMG it's true, have a look at the labels. 
Let's make buying locally a reality, get involved in your community and start community gardens.


A healthier lifestyle and cleaner environment begins with each and every one of us.